Add Alexa New Version Widget to your blog

If you're new to blogging then Alexa and Google page rank may both sound strange to you. However if you're familiar with Google Page rank then you should be aware of Alexa as well. Alexa ranks your website among others globally. This helps you to know how your site is performing among its competitors. In order for Alexa to keep track of your sites performance especially in terms of traffic, you will need to add its widget in your blog.

FREE Website Submission to Over 2,500 Search Engines

Boost your search engine visibility score by submitting your site to over 2,500 search engines for free.
Every blogger spends a good deal of time to increase his or her sites visibility score. This comes in many forms, ranging from social media to submission to search engines. As a blogger you need to spend some time to improve your site’s search engine optimization. Building backlinks by sharing on social bookmarking sites are also proven ways to increase traffic.

The Top 4 Blogger Communities To Increase your Blog Audience

There is nothing irritating than writing a blog post only to find that you and a handful of close friends are the only ones who have read it. You put blood, sweat and tears into each post; wouldn’t you like it to reach a larger audience? Blogger communities are a way to connect with individuals actively writing about your niche or topic. You are able to engage, build alliances and assist each other in spreading one another’s content. Four communities that I am a member of and would highly recommend are:

Taking Blogging To A Whole New Level

Blogs are everywhere these days, people tend to use blogs to share anything from news, videos, pictures and a lot more. In this article we are going to discuss a few tips to help you take your blogging skills to a whole new level.

Top 25 Most Beautiful, Responsive and Multi-Purpose Blogger Templates

Blogger templates are easy to come by but difficult to get the one that most suits your blog. This is why sometimes you may need to invest a great deal of time in searching for that best template of yours.