Saturday, June 21, 2014

Top 25 Most Beautiful, Responsive and Multi-Purpose Blogger Templates

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Blogger templates are easy to come by but difficult to get the one that most suits your blog. This is why sometimes you may need to invest a great deal of time in searching for that best template of yours.
I have taken the pain to compile 25 most beautiful blogger templates which is best for every niche. The good news about these templates are, they are responsive and free to use and share.Find below the collections and start your dream blog today. Design matters!

1. 7seas blog

2. Perk Misty

3. MXfluity

4. HealthPress

5. Foodie

6. Enpine Blog

7. VetroBlogger
[Download | Preview]

8. Braxton

9. Date A Live

10. Busby

11.  Delicacy

12. AbstractVector

13. Aquaries

14. BasicBold

15.  Binary

16. Black Orange

17. BlogHorsing

18. BlueComp

19. CityMusic

20. BlackForme

21. ColorBeauty

22. ContrastGreen

23. ResponsiveT

24. Pilgrim

25. NewsMagazine

26. Modern Style

27. Landis

28. Limax

29. MyTimeLine

30. Scopic

So that was amazing right? Yeah... I know that. Please lets share the moments with friends and relatives...


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